SIGNDATA™  keeps your traffic sign maintenance standards air-tight by embedding a unique identification code used to track each operation in the sign lifecycle.  From the time of manufacture to the end of road service. 
Traffic Sign Infrastructure Management on Autopilot.
The SIGNDATA™ platform keeps a close eye on your traffic sign assets - from inventory management to maintenance activities, this system is a lean tool that eliminates busy work and increases data confidence in the office and at the side of the road.



The SIGNDATA™ platform connects your physical traffic sign infrastructure to the Internet-of-Things helping to; verify type, authenticity and origin of materials used in production; ensure the signs you deploy meet the standards you demand; maintain the data-integrity of your entire sign infrastructure over time.   

The sign arrives aware of who fabricated it and with what materials, where and when it was made.  It's ready already loaded in a cloud system ready to report where it's deployed on your roads and when it’s due for a replacement.  Lifecycle event records have never been easier to capture. 

These critical data points are captured and securely stored in the SIGNDATA™ cloud management tool. Make data-driven decisions that quantifiably demonstrate your compliance to your maintenance standards, integrate into your other interconnected data management systems, and reduce your tort liability exposure.  Information persists even if you decide to change in-house systems or custodial personnel. 

Trust SIGNDATA™ to help you maintain your sign infrastructure data over time.

Improve Standards Compliance
& Infrastructure Condition
GIS Compatible
Forecast Budget Requirements In Advance
Mobile Data Collection
In-Sync with a Cloud Dashboard


Combine top sign management processes from authoritative resources such as the FHWA Retroreflectivity guidelines and the Ontario Traffic Manual's Book 4 into a hybrid-solution, SIGNDATA consistently out-performs and out-lasts other sign maintenance and management methodologies.



From time of manufacture and throughout service life, you can count on us to capture your SIGN DATA.

Manufacture Accurately
Our manufacturing partners are industry leaders in traffic sign manufacturing technology.  SIGNDATA ensures the whole process complies to regulatory specifications while capturing sign attributes at the source. 
Manage Inventory
signDATA helps manage your inventory on hand by enabling your sign supplier to deliver just-in-time or in advance based on anticipated sign replacements.
Install Fast
Signs ship ready to install. You no longer need to reidentify attributes like manufacture date, size, sign code or sheeting type roadside.
Inspect Faster
Our inspection app streamlines the process, the sign is automatically identified for you, perform your assessment and be on your way fast without missing anything. 
Secure & Trusted Data Storage
SIGNDATA helps prove that you meet compliance standards. Our chain-of-command style audit trails are indisputable evidence that you surpass your minimum maintenance standards. 
Worker with Glasses
Reduce Tort Liability Exposure
SIGNDATA helps prove that you meet compliance standards. Our chain-of-command style audit trails are indisputable evidence that you surpass your minimum maintenance standards. 


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